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LIMS for Chemical Processing

Under pressure to do more with less budget? Your lab is not alone. Across the globe, analytical labs are being asked to provide better analysis and faster reporting in an increasingly budget-conscious business environment. ATL’s LIMS is just the tool your lab needs to accomplish the impossible – produce quality, accurate analysis while keeping the corporate bean-counters happy.

We offer two products to meet your data management needs:

Sample Master is Windows compatible and boasts feature-rich components such as an intuitive user interface, integrated calculations, automated email alerts, Master Query functionality, scheduling, and automated reporting.
TITAN LIMS is the next generation Laboratory information Management System from ATL
Chemical Processing

Customer Spotlight

Don’t just take our word for it – our customers share precisely how our data automation solutions have helped them address specific needs particular to the Chemical sector.

Specific to the Chemical industry, here are a few of the many requirements and the way in which ATL’s data management solutions satisfy them.

Chemical Industry RequirementsATL's Data Management Solutions
Ability to quickly generate SPC charts to ensure product specifications are met.Ability to quickly generate SPC charts to ensure product specifications are met.
Product and batch traceability.Users have the ability to track sample test results through all stages of the manufacturing process and generate certificates of analysis that can be posted to a website in pdf format.
Real-time quality control.Users can track results against project, customer and global upper/lower warning and control limits. Color-coding during result entry provides immediate feedback of sample results and can warn users when results are outside of the limits and make decisions on product re-grading.
Instrument integration.Integration with analytical and physical test equipment provides rapid, high quality data transfer.
LIMS integration with enterprise systems.The LIMS provides integration to enterprise systems such as ERP/MRP and export/import-scheduling information, order ID, batch information, specifications, results, limits, with integrated barcode tracking.
Sites of Interest:
American Chemical Societywww.acs.org
Royal Society of Chemistrywww.rsc.org
National Institute of Standards and Technologywww.nist.gov
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistrywww.iupac.org
Institution of Chemical Engineerswww.icheme.org
American Institute of Chemical Engineerswww.aiche.org
Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliateswww.socma.com