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Titan® LIMS

TITAN LIMS represents the next generation in Laboratory Information Management Systems

TITAN builds upon more than two decades of laboratory informatics expertise to define a new standard in the LIMS world, in part by boasting features also found in powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. In designing TITAN, ATL has focused on a number of areas that are very important when evaluating LIMS solutions. This includes a consistent user interface across the entire application, high configurability to allow the LIMS to function like the lab, and numerous filtering options to allow users to see the data that is most important to them.  TITAN LIMS also provides the ability to track inventory and reagents, schedule sample collection, and it comes with a completely configurable dashboard for a quick look at the state of things at a glance.

ATL raises the bar in areas that customers have long considered critical when choosing a LIMS.  The generation of complicated QC requirements, instant limit checking with customizable record highlighting,  automated reporting and email features, and multiple sample login options just scratches the surface of what TITAN is capable of handling.  The LIMS also provides great storage management tracking, preparation and analysis batch organization with instrument integrations, and employee worklists for easily seeing work that needs to be done.  ATL has built on a long history of successful laboratory automation development and is proud and excited to set the standard again for LIMS – TITAN.

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User Friendly Design
Microsoft Office Style menus
Multiple Document Interface (MDI)
Flexible Dashboards
Easy sorting, grouping, and filtering

Enterprise Integration
Export to XML or Excel
Multi Level ERP functions
Service Oriented Architecture

Powerful Reporting Tools
Integration with Crystal Reports
Generate PDFs automatically
TITAN Report Designer with an easy to use, graphical interface

Remote Access Browser
Configurable security for both satellite locations or external customers
Customer definable roles
Real time data access
Downloadable Excel or pdf reports

Ease of Administration and Configuration
Granular permissions and roles
Integrated, graphical designers
Automatic Task Scheduler

Role based privileges to property levels (field level) and artifact (table) level
Horizontal (row level) filtering
Integrated Windows security (AD, LDAP) and/or application security
Secure services using X.509 standard


As part of the ATL TITAN development architecture, the ATL Research and Development Team is utilizing new technologies and the latest Microsoft .NET tools to build a new modern development environment called the ATL TITAN Framework. The ATL TITAN framework provides intuitive and comprehensive mechanisms for configuration of business objects utilizing graphical workflow, and report designers.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and Microsoft .NET 4.6 are being leveraged to bring the best available technology to our clients, equipping them with the tools to successfully manage and grow their laboratory business with sustainable and supportable solutions, while still providing the tools for rapid configuration and ultimate flexibility.

The ATL TITAN Framework is a highly configurable SOA solution, built upon Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), which provides users the ability to configure the business rules to match their organization’s requirements, rather than modifying their way of doing business to match a software package. Workflows can be used to manipulate data, dispatch notifications, generate and send reports and other files via fax and email, as well as evaluate complex logic that reflects real world processes and decisions.
This platform utilizes Microsoft Click Once deployment for easy installation and upgrading, and provides a feature rich user experience that simplifies and promotes automation and productivity through streamlining work processes.

VMware Statement of Support

Click here to view our VMware Statement of Support.

iMobile for TITAN LIMS

TITAN iMobile is a cutting-edge tool that allows users in the field to upload testing site data in real-time. Using any qualified mobile device with a web browser, data from the field is encrypted and transmitted securely to the laboratory where it integrates seamlessly with TITAN, eliminating the need to manually re-enter documents and field measurements or return hard copies to the laboratory. For more information, please visit our TITAN imobile page