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LIMS for Cannabis Testing

ATL can help your Cannabis lab meet the regulatory requirements for your state, along with facilitating ISO 17025 Compliance and Certification for your laboratory.

Manage Your Cannabis Testing Data

Our Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)  can help your laboratory manage every aspect of your cannabis testing; from potency, microbial contaminants, heavy metals, aflatoxin, residual solvents, and pesticides, to self-service secure web reporting.

Our LIMS also support Quality Control testing, laboratory workflows, reviews, approvals, audits, SOPs, CRM, limit checking, stability studies, and full product traceability from the grower to the dispensary.

ATL LIMS for Cannabis Testing Manages Samples and Associated Data

World-Class Productivity

Our solutions also offer instrument integration for rapid data capture and report generation, support electronic signatures in workflows, and fully comply with the FDA’s CFR 21 Part 11. Our LIMS products support creation and automated delivery of pdf quotes, invoices, final analysis reports, Certificates of Analysis, and include a secure web portal, Result Point, to allow customer access to the testing results 24/7. We also offer integration with a number of other enterprise systems such as accounting packages (QuickBooks, JD Edwards, Great Plains), statistical software packages (such as JMP, or NWA), ERP and SAP systems.


Featured in American Laboratory Magazine: Selecting a LIMS for the Cannabis Industry

ATL LIMS in the Cannabis Industry was featured in American Laboratory

2019 Cannabis Science Conference: Automating Cannabis Testing with LIMS

ATL LIMS was featured at the 2019 Cannabis Science Conference East

LabRoots Presents:

Cannabis Sciences 2019

ATL's Dr. Christine Paszko spoke about LIMS and Laboratory Automation at the 2019 Cannabis Science Conference hosted by LabRoots


Here are some of the many features in ATL’s LIMS that will improve your cannabis laboratory’s performance.

METRC Integration

Instrument Integration & Barcoding Capabilities

Generate QC charts for dynamic trend detection.

Validation of raw materials and product run tracking, traceability and product quarantine.

Generate Certificates of Analysis in pdf format and numerous production reports.

Remote access to view data in real-time with Result Point

Latest News


ATL Webcast on September 18: A LIMS Primer for the Cannabis Industry

With the legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational uses in a growing number of states in the US, and recently in Canada, the demand for cannabis testing services has grown significantly. As a result, laboratories are looking to LIMS solutions in helping address their requirements for efficient sample management, data quality and regulatory compliance.

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ATL to Present at the 2019 Cannabis Science Conference – East

The presentation, Automating Cannabis Testing with LIMS, was co-authored by Dr. Christine Paszko, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at ATL and one of ATL’s customers, Dan Woodall, President at High Tide Lab Company. Mr. Woodall’s laboratory has implemented ATL’s Sample Master® LIMS solution to meet the laboratories needs for high data quality, compliance and efficiency. Attendees will learn about the benefits the LIMS has brought to his laboratory.

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ATL to Present at the 2019 Cannabis Sciences Virtual Event

This virtual event allows attendees to participate with no travel or registration costs – it is completely complimentary. Automating Cannabis Testing with LIMS and Laboratory Automation will demonstrate how a LIMS is the nucleus to a comprehensive data management solution that automates more than just laboratory testing.

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