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Agriculture Software and Farming for Laboratory Information Management

Agricultural Laboratory Information Management System

In response to heightened emphasis on governmental regulatory monitoring in the agricultural industry, your facility must maintain rigorous data accuracy and completeness. The Laboratory Information Management Systems offered by Accelerated Technology Laboratories furnish essential tools for exhaustive analysis, proficient data management, and detailed reporting. These competencies ensure your compliance with stringent agricultural testing and safety standards mandated by governmental regulatory bodies.

We offer 2 products to meet your data management needs:

Agricultural Management Software

The agriculture industry, with its diverse range of processes, stringent regulatory requirements, and vital role in food safety, necessitates high-precision, efficient, and reliable data management. This is where Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), like those offered by Accelerated Technology Laboratories, step in. Our LIMS software has been specifically designed for the agricultural sector, capable of effectively managing, analyzing, and reporting the large volumes of critical data generated within the agriculture and farming lifecycle. It not only ensures data integrity but also enhances operational efficiency and supports regulatory compliance, which are crucial for maintaining quality standards and consumer trust. By employing LIMS, agricultural entities can significantly reduce risks, cut down error margins, improve productivity, and thus, assure customer satisfaction. The need for LIMS software in the agriculture industry is undeniable and indispensable for successful, efficient, and compliant operations.

Leveraging open architecture and comprehensive automation for laboratories of any size, Sample Master LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) accelerates accurate reporting, multiplies productivity, increases operational efficiency, and provides unparalleled data security.
TITAN LIMS is the next generation Laboratory information Management System from ATL
Customer Spotlights

Don’t just take our word for it – our customers share precisely how our data automation solutions have helped them address specific needs particular to the Agriculture and Farming sector:

Tailored Solutions for Agriculture & Farming: Meeting & Exceeding Industry Requirements

Agriculture Industry RequirementsATL’s Data Management Solutions
Affordability and ease of configuration and reporting.ATL’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solutions for Agriculture Laboratories are sold in modules, so that users need only purchase the modules that they need. ATL’s LIMS Solutions feature user definable screen captions for rapid utilization and over 5 dozen reports are included.
Integration with common instruments utilized in food and beverage testing to increase productivity.Hands-on experience with over 500 different instruments that have previously been integrated with ATL’s LIMS products is available to clients.
Provide complete trace back capabilities, from farm to table.With ATL’s integrated data management solutions, retrieving data by project, data range or site is achieved in minutes with a full chain of custody, audit trail and security.
Compliance with regulatory requirements, HACCP, USDA’s Pesticide, Feed and Fertilizer Enforcement Program and full support of CFR 21 part 11.ATL’s LIMS Solutions meet and in many cases exceed current Agriculture Laboratory requirements, in anticipation of future requirements.
Remote access to view data in real-time, view trends or the ability to access and print pdf Certificate of Analysis reports from remote site.With ATL’s Result Point, users can remotely access data status in real-time, review and print pdf reports with a secure browser.
Solid system support and training for end users and database administrators.ATL is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and has a strong support and training program in place to ensure our clients success.
The ability to compare measured values to product package claims automatically and to automatically generate reports based on results as required.With integrated QA/QC, users have the ability to rapidly monitor results against claims, generate control charts, view trends and generate numerous industry reports.
Flexible solutions that are built on proven technology which is fully scalable to grow with the laboratory.As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, only industry standard tools are utilized in ATL’s LIMS solutions.
Ability to integrate multiple locations (remote laboratories) into a single database to assist in HACCP compliance.Inherent scalability and integration in the LIMS allows multiple sites to consolidate data for warehousing while enforcing permission-based access to data.