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May 26, 2020: Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc. (ATL), a leader in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), today announced improved integration of Monitor Plus with its market-leading LIMS products, Sample Master® and TITAN®.  ATL has taken this step as part of its long-term goal to make its LIMS offerings more robust and comprehensive through enhancement products.

A complete wireless environmental monitoring solution, Monitor Plus includes intelligent, wireless sensors that install easily and transmit data via WiFi. It features a cellular backup in case of a power outage or network interruption. The continuous flow of data is stored in the cloud and can be viewed/analyzed using the Dashboard. This powerful, browser-based tool also provides real-time 24/7 alerts, via email or SMS for text messaging, for out-of-compliance situations.

Monitor Plus allows users to create trend analysis and monitor the temperature of laboratory equipment such as freezers, refrigerators, autoclaves, incubators, humidity chambers, greenhouses, or ovens in real-time. Ambient monitoring includes the ability to monitor atmospheric temperature, humidity, pressure, and light. Readings are taken every 15 seconds for excellent control over environmental conditions, offering not only regulatory compliance with NIST certified devices, but also resource savings, and affordable insurance that monitors the content of each unit 24/7.

The following table summarizes current level of integration with ATL’s LIMS products. ATL will continue to enhance the Monitor Plus integration for both Sample Master and TITAN to offer reporting capabilities that include environmental and facility monitoring data.

ATL LIMS ProductIntegration with Monitor Plus
TITAN® and Sample Master® LIMS
  • Data synchronization options: Manual and Scheduled

  • Sync can include multiple devices and locations

  • Daily and microbiology temperature sync readings

  • Data sync includes average/min/max/temp

Monitor Plus is the result of a partnership with Elemental Machines (EM) that combines EM’s continuous monitoring technology with ATL’s TITAN and Sample Master LIMS solution technology.

For questions on Monitor Plus features and pricing, please contact your ATL Sales Representative at 800.565.LIMS or info@atlab.com. You can visit our website anytime at www.atlab.com.

ATL, headquartered in West End, NC, provides total data management solutions to a variety of industries from cannabis, food & beverage, agriculture, analytical, environmental, water and wastewater, chemical, government, public health, clinical testing, forensics and manufacturing. ATL’s LIMS products are installed in over 575 laboratories around the world and supported by a steadfast commitment to excellence in product quality, support and training.