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Laboratory professionals today are faced with many challenges, and need to do more with less. They are seeking ways to maximize their return on their LIMS software investments through accelerated deployments. Since COVID, the ability to work remotely has become even more important; this is no less true for the analytical testing laboratory. Since users demand results in real-time, secure client facing portals which allow access 24/7, for sample submission and result status and retrieval not only result in higher customer satisfaction, but also result in cost savings to the laboratory. Cloud solutions deliver the full range of benefits which users demand in LIMS solutions, including:

  1. Lower Initial Costs: SaaS LIMS is subscription based, which spreads costs over time resulting in lower initial investment. Costs are also lower IT for hardware, software, and IT professionals to manage and maintain the system and include technical support.
  2. Time savings: Can be deployed very quickly as all of the hardware, software, firewalls, and other
    infrastructure are all in place and ready to configure, whereas the need to purchase new hardware/software often causes delays.
  3. High Security and Availability: SaaS is available on any computer or device, anytime, anywhere. Because users are very familiar with the Internet, there is a high adoption rate. Host facilities are secure, hardened, with back up and disaster recovery plans.
  4. Seamless Upgrades: Engineers manage all updates and upgrades, thus there are no service packs or
    additional software to install saving your organization time and resources.
  5. Scalable: As your organization grows and the number of users increases, there’s no need to add hardware, software, or bandwidth. All resources are managed to accommodate your organization’s growth allowing additional licenses to be added very quickly.

Have you deployed a Cloud-based LIMS or have questions? Share your experience/questions in the comments.


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