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Your lab is beyond busy; errors are occurring. Processes are manual and paper-based. You have regulatory compliance issues to contend with. You need to act to improve data quality. Like most lab managers in this situation, you are overwhelmed, you don’t know what you don’t know, and you are unsure how to start.

Enter ATL, with a proven methodology and 25+ year history of success in automating laboratories. Engaging a subject matter expert to assist with defining the business and technical requirements creates an actionable plan, ensures success, and protects your LIMS investment. An ATL LIMS Needs Assessment can provide business justification and help you avoid common pitfalls.

We use a 3-step approach:

Step 1: Client Engagement
A member of ATL’s Consulting Services Group will conduct an on-site engagement that includes team interviews using our comprehensive questionnaire, documentation of roles/responsibilities, issues/risks/concerns. We work with all stakeholders to define technical requirements, and work with IT to document the existing client and server software/hardware environment, including the network infrastructure.

Step 2: ATL Cross-Functional Team Analysis
ATL subject matter experts and seasoned professionals with more than 75 years’ combined knowledge of Sample Master® LIMS, laboratory automation, and implementation review and analyze the gathered material. The team is uniquely qualified to best leverage laboratory automation to help you increase data quality, productivity, efficiency, and profitability, while remaining compliant.

Step 3: LIMS Needs Assessment Summary Report
The LIMS Needs Assessment Summary Report is the final deliverable, and consists of an executive summary, ATL professionals’ observations and analysis, and. documented issues/risks/concerns. It also includes a Recommendations Report with suggested improved sample process flow to streamline/improve the current flow, plan for automating laboratory processes based on the organization’s business requirements, identification of potential risk factors and how to address them, and efficiency and data quality improvement metrics, with ROI analysis.

The ATL LIMS Needs Assessment is a proven laboratory process analysis tool that provides an organization with a detailed roadmap to a successful LIMS deployment—however you define that for your lab. Conducted by highly skilled professionals, it serves as a strong foundation and protection for your LIMS and laboratory automation investment.

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