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vILT Courses

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) courses for Sample Master® and TITAN® LIMS

ATL is excited to offer virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) courses for ATL Sample Master and TITAN. These courses are taught exclusively online with the goal of emulating a traditional classroom environment without the travel and time costs. One of the benefits of vILT courses is the ability to break up the class in 1-2 hour sessions and schedule these sessions over a period of time. This allows students to get the benefits of live instructor-led training and the flexibility of mixing the training in with the flow of the student’s normal work schedule. All sessions will be recorded – a benefit when schedules change unexpectedly or if students want to review certain sections of the training.

Sample Master® vILT

vILT Sample Master® Report Writing w/DevExpress® (Web)

Sample Master® Report Writing with DevExpress will allow students to obtain the skill set required for modifying the core existing DevExpress reports in Sample Master, creating new reports, adding report automation, emailing, and integrating reports with the Sample Master Web user interface.


2023 Dates Will Be Announced Soon!

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vILT TITAN® Report Writing w/ Crystal Reports®

TITAN® Report Writing with Crystal Reports® will give students a basic understanding of the TITAN database and allow them to obtain the skill set required to use Crystal Reports (CR) within TITAN. This skill set will include modifying existing CR reports, creating new reports, and writing queries against the TITAN database to capture the data needed for the reports.

January 17,19,24,26, 2023

Session time each day: 1:00 – 3:00PM ET 

Price per student: $795 (Price will increase to $895, Jan 1, 2023)


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Download the Course Datasheet Here