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Sample Master® LIMS SaaS for

Water & Wastewater

ATL has more Water & Wastewater implementations than any other LIMS provider in North America.

Learn how Sample Master v10 Web LIMS (SaaS) can save your lab additional time and resources.



 Clean, Intuitive Interface

Accessible Via Web Browser

 Simple & Powerful Data Import Features with ExcelExpress

 Enterprise-Class Auditing Capabilities

Quick & Easy Implementation

We offer three easy to understand bundles to make deployment of Sample Master v10 Web easy and keep functionality on target with your specific needs.

Package #1*

Sample Tracking

Data Entry

Sample Scheduling


Resource Management

Instrument Integration (EDT)

Chemical Inventory

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Package #2*

Sample Tracking

Data Entry

Sample Scheduling


Resource Management

Instrument Integration (EDT)

Chemical Inventory

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Package #3*

Sample Tracking

Data Entry

Sample Scheduling


Resource Management

Instrument Integration (EDT)

Chemical Inventory

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

*Are there features/modules you need that are not included? Let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Sample Master a "modular" LIMS?

While every Water/Wastewater facility is similar in function, they all have different requirements. Our modular approach allows a client to purchase what they need rather than pay for functions they don’t use.  It also allows clients to start with specific required functions and then grow the system as they need.

What if I have a need for a module that’s not in the bundle I want?

The bundles were created to address what we’ve learned over the years regarding the modules used in different Water/Waste Water facilities. If your specific lab needs a module or two added (or subtracted) from a bundle, let us know and we’ll build a bundle specifically for you.

What auditing capabilities does Sample Master have?

Sample Master puts an audit trail on the final results, recording the individual and reason for change. Sample Master also comes with a comprehensive, enterprise class auditing capability that allows you to select any of the fields within the application and then provide an audit report of the results.

Why does the auditing take place “outside” of the LIMS?

There are many LIMS that provide auditing capabilities from within the application. There’s one big problem with this……if someone makes changes at the core database level, an internally driven audit system will not capture it. ATL’s audit process starts within the LIMS, but performs the actual audit process from the outside so that any changes to the actual database can be identified.

How do I access Sample Master v10 Web?

Sample Master v10 Web is a native web application that enables you to access the LIMS from supported web browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox). Unlike other web-based LIMS we give you the flexibility to choose the browser that best fits your performance and security needs.

What type of internal IT support will I need?

Very little, if any! ATL’s SaaS solution and resources take care of all that. No internal servers, database expertise, admin resources, etc. are needed. Just log in via the web and go to work!

Will I have support for the application?

ATL SaaS solutions include our world class Gold Support. Unlimited calls to our support desk, patches, upgrades, a support specific newsletter, access to videos, and access to the ATL Support site where there are a multitude of resources available.

What database does Sample Master use?

Sample Master uses the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server

My lab has multiple facilities, can Sample Master v10 Web handle multiple facilities?

Absolutely! You can set-up Sample Master v10 Web to treat the facilities as unique labs, or as an extension of one lab, the choice is yours.

Does Sample Master offer a way to streamline my sample scheduling and sample collection process?

Sample Master has a complete sample scheduling module, which allows you to pre-log routine analyses, put all scheduled work on a calendar, and print COCs, bottle labels, etc. in advance of your sample event.
Once in the field, ATLs iMobile software can be used on a tablet (or smartphone) to provide GPS directions to the sample locations, enter all sampling information, enter field data, create ad-hoc samples, and transfer the information immediately to the laboratory, reducing the need for handwritten records.

I have an existing LIMS. Can I migrate my data?

Of course! Over the past 25 years ATL has migrated data from hundreds of antiquated LIMS to its industry leading Sample Master.

A friend of mine in another lab mentioned a Trade-In program?

YES! If you have an older legacy system, that has just outlived its usefulness, we often offer a Trade-in/Trade-Up discount.  If you’re on the fence about moving to another LIMS, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to help you get it done.

Can we import our Excel worksheets?

YES! If you have existing Excel templates, we can import that data directly into Sample Master through our simple to use ExcelExpress tool.

Do you have a way for me to continue to use my handwritten bench sheets with Sample Master?

YES! If you have paper-based forms that you want to continue to use, we can digitize the forms, make them available from mobile devices, tablets or computers, add intelligence for calculations, etc. and then import the results. Signatures? Pictures? Real-time GPS coordinates? Got ‘em.

How does the ExcelExpress tool work?

ExcelExpress is a user-friendly tool that automatically or manually imports sample, result and QC information from Excel spreadsheets that are in no particular format with minimal sample information such as order number, test and result or collect date and collection location, to automatically create a new order.

Can I integrate my instruments with Sample Master?

You betcha! ATL has a reputation for being the BEST at integrating instruments and corresponding data into its LIMS products. If your Instrument generates an output file we can import it. Don’t have an output file? We have integrated instruments that have RS-232 output (ex: balances) that send results directly into our LIMS or into a spreadsheet that gets imported directly either manually or through a schedule.

How do I get my analytes/parameters into the LIMS?

As part of the implementation process, ATL provides each client with a pre-populated template with most, if not all, of the analytes/parameters that a Water/Waste Water plant may need. With more Water/Waste Water LIMS implementations than any other LIMS software company, we know what you need. But don’t worry, if you need to add additional analytes/parameters, or modify them, we make that easy as well.

How do I generate reports?

Sample Master v10 Web comes with tons of canned reports and a comprehensive, user-friendly report generator tool. The graphical user interface makes it simple to query data within the application.

Why is ATL’s ISO certification important to my lab?

Being ISO 9001:2015 certified is a significant effort for ATL and provides value to our clients by ensuring that from Product Development to Support; to Sales, Marketing, and Operations, ATL follows defined and audited procedures. The process ensures consistent delivery of products, support and sales, while providing validation that the products and services that ATL represents are of the highest quality available.

What’s the difference between ATL’s Sample Master and TITAN LIMS?

ATL’s Sample Master was designed to manage the “Science” of the Lab”, i.e. sample, sample tracking, data entry, QA/QC, and reporting. TITAN goes to another level with more granularity for the lab and also has a business component built into it, i.e. it can run the “Business” of the lab as well.

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